4 Ways To Avoid Sewer And Drain Cleaning At Home

3 January 2015
 Categories: Environmental, Blog


A sewer or drain backup can be a messy and expensive repair for any homeowner, but most of these repair jobs can be avoided. Usually, some common practices at home are to blame for these problems, and avoiding them can mean avoiding sewer cleaning and repair work. Consider the following tips for maintaining your drains and outside sewer lines.

1. Never use caustic drain cleaners

When you have a clogged drain, you need to avoid using caustic drain cleaners. These will eat away at the clog but also at the pipe connections. These cleaners can go all the way into the sewer lines outside your home and these too can be damaged. When they suffer cracks around the connectors this can allow tree roots to grow through the pipes and in turn, you may eventually need sewer line cleaning and repair.

2. Don't use sewer snakes on your own

A sewer snake can be a good way to get rid of a clog in the toilet or bathtub, but if you aren't familiar with their use they can actually cause more harm than good. The sewer snake can get caught on pipe connectors and cause them to come loose, and again, tree roots can grow around your sewer snakes. Dirt and other debris can settle inside. You will then eventually need to have your sewer lines cleaned and repaired. If you've already done some damage, it's probably best to give the DIY methods a rest and contact a professional--like Tierra Environmental & Industrial Services.

3. Don't use the toilet as a garbage bin

The only things that should go into your toilet at home are human waste, toilet tissue, and disposable tampons. Things like hair, disposable diapers, and cigarette butts will not break down and dissolve in the sewer lines and instead will just cause clogs and damage. You can then experience a backup and will need to have the lines cleaned. Put a larger trash bin and an ashtray in your bathroom if needed to avoid using your toilet for household rubbish.

4. Install a water softener

When your water has calcium or rust, these elements may build up around your pipes outside and in turn, cause corrosion and damage. Installing a water softener will be healthier for your skin and hair but it's also healthier for your pipes. Removing or filtering out all the sediment from your water will protect your drains and sewer lines and help you to avoid needing them cleaned and repaired.