Buy More Time Between Septic Tank Pumpings - How To Flush Less Water

23 December 2014
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Anyone that owns a septic tank system knows that an important part of keeping your system healthy is a regular pumping or cleaning of your tank. One of the things that can increase the need for septic tank tank pumping is the amount of waste water that goes through your tank. Reducing the amount of this water can buy you time, which will save you money. How Often Should You Pump Your Septic Tank? Read More 

Five Simple Ways To Conserve Propane While Waiting For Fuel Delivery

22 December 2014
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During the propane shortage in some parts of the country early in 2014, some customers found their household having to wait weeks for fuel delivery when they were normally accustomed to getting propane within just a few days. Unfortunately, this led to many being left without a primary heat source in their home and a lot of fears and concerns for the upcoming heating season. If you rely on propane for heat, cooking, and hot water in your home, there are five simple things you can do to conserve fuel energy while you are waiting for your next delivery: Read More