Five Simple Ways To Conserve Propane While Waiting For Fuel Delivery

22 December 2014
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During the propane shortage in some parts of the country early in 2014, some customers found their household having to wait weeks for fuel delivery when they were normally accustomed to getting propane within just a few days. Unfortunately, this led to many being left without a primary heat source in their home and a lot of fears and concerns for the upcoming heating season.

If you rely on propane for heat, cooking, and hot water in your home, there are five simple things you can do to conserve fuel energy while you are waiting for your next delivery:

Drop the Temperature On Your Hot Water Heater

Check your hot water heater and if it is already set at 120 degrees, try dropping it down a notch or two until you get more propane. You will notice a difference in the temperature of your hot water, but it will be much better to have water that is fairly warm than no hot water at all if you run out of fuel.

Set Your Appliances to Conserve

Many household appliances that rely on propane, such as the kitchen stove or clothes dryer, have a setting on the control panel to conserve energy that should be used when you are running low on fuel. Check all of your household appliances to see if they offer this setting and adjust accordingly temporarily. 

Lower Your Thermostat Temperature

Just dropping your thermostat a few degrees could save you a lot of propane usage enough to make what you have last until the fuel delivery arrives. Consider turning your heat way down while you are away at work and wear warmer clothing around the house to stay cozy. You may be surprised to find just how quickly your body will acclimate to a slightly lower temperature.

Avoid Cooking for Long Periods

When you have a propane stove, cutting down on baked goods and meals that take a long time to prepare will save on your propane usage. Opt for using your charcoal grill for meats when you can or an electric slow cooker for soups and slow roasted meals.

Heat Only What You Have To

If you are really running low on propane, it is a good idea to only heat the parts of your home you are using. Think about bedrooms that remain empty all day and dining areas that rarely get any use. These spaces are pulling fuel to keep warm when you may not even be using them. Block off vents in these rooms by turning off the registry and cover doorways with heavy blankets to heat just what you need to.

The last thing you want is to realize you are low on propane and find out it will be a few weeks before delivery can be made. Therefore, it is always best to schedule routine deliveries and plan well in advance. However, these five tips can help you prolong the fuel that you do have in the event you are running low.

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